ACFS end of year Party  

ACFS end of year Party
The time has come again to get together and celebrate our hard won achievements of 2011.
With your support and hard work we have been able to accomplish our objectives for this year. 
For example we have been able to raise enough funds for the "Martires of Las Tunas" Children Hospital in the Province of Las Tunas, Cuba. This $12,000 project will help to improve the lives of cancer sufferers in the province. In this way we materialise our message of solidarity with the Cuban people and their socialist revolution. Our thanks to all our friends and supporters who throughout 2011 have been the back bone of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society in Perth.

Please join us to celebrate with a surprise film, good company, friendship, political discussion and laughter. A drink/plate to share is highly appreciated. This is open to all members, their families, friends and all our supporters. Free entry.

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ACFS Perth rallies against the US blockade on Cuba  

The Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, WA Branch gathered in front of the US consulate in Perth, Western Australia to call on the Obama Administration to lift the blockade on Cuba.

The protest took place on Tuesday 25th October 2011 while the Cuban delegation presented a resolution against the US criminal blockade at the UN General Assembly.

The peoples of the world once again for the 20th time voted in favour of the Cuban motion 187 votes in favour, 2 against (the US and Israel) and 3 abstentions.

We call on President Obama to end this act of political barbarism.

In solidarity,


Viva Cuba, End the US blockade, Free the Cuban Five.

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End the US blockade on Cuba  

On Tuesday 25th October for the 20th consecutive time Cuba will move a resolution against the US blockade on Cuba at the United Nations General Assembly.

The UN General Assembly will again take a vote on the US blockade against Cuba. We should not be fooled that the US has softened its stance, in reality 

the Obama administration is imposing tougher sanctions on companies trading with Cuba in comparison with previous presidential administrations.

It continues also to damage the trading relations with European companies. Recently The European branch of PayPal, a company that facilitates electronic transactions in the Internet, demanded that German firm Rum & Co. remove Havana cigars, rum and other Cuban products from their web page. This despite there being regulations that explicitly allow Europeans to do business with Cuba, were formulated as a countermeasure to the US sanctions against Cuba.

The current intensification against Cuba also jeopardises the National Transplant Program. A report on resolution 65/6 of the United Nations General Assembly states that Washington's stance has negatively impacted the acquisition of reagents needed for transplant.
ACFS calls on ordinary people around the world do take notice of the pain that the US is inflicting on the Cuban people and that we join most other Governments and peoples around the world to say it must stop. 

Let's send a A message to the Obama Administration "While you are fixing the world, here’s another issue to add to the list End the Blockade on Cuba". Please consider bringing your friends and contacts and join us in sending this message.

Join the solidarity movement around the world that calls on the Obama Administration to end this political barbarism.

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Fidel Castro's speech at the UN in 1979  

Fidel Castro's speech at the UN in 1979. Cuban film maker Santiago Alvarez.
In Spanish with English Subtitles. It was delivered 32 years ago but his vision of the world and the main enemy of peoples development continue to be valid today.

In solidarity with the peoples of the world.

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Gerardo Hernandez's cartoon exhibition. Perth WA  

A complete success in the campaign for the freedom of the Cuban Five.

Australian Premier of Gerardo Hernandez's cartoon exhibition held at the KURB
gallery in Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia from 1-7 October 2011.
Here the photographs taken at the opening night on Saturday 1 October attended by
around 80 people.

Thanks to CHAKETA band for performing on the night and donating their time to
the cause of the Cuban Five.

Exhibition curated by Dr. Christopher Crouch & Eileen Whitehead.
Organised by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, ACFS.

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This is the youtube of Gerardo Hernandez having a phone conversation with Carlos Alberto Cremata,
director of La Colmenita (The little bee have) theatre group currently touring the United States.

For more videos please visit:

Rene will not be completely free until his return to Cuba.

We call on President Obama to free the Cuban Five now!

Join the campaign to join the Cuban Five.
For more information on the case visit:

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Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up!  

To all friends of ACFS and Cuba.

This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the plight
of the Cuban Five.

This will also the last information session on the Southern Cross Brigade to Cuba which departs in December.

Come along and join us in solidarity with Cuba.

Free Entry

All donations to our health project in Las Tunas, Cuba.

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Gerardo Hernandez Cartoon Exhibition  

Grand final weekend for the Freedom of the Cuban Five in Perth

With a welcome to country by Balladong Noongar Man Barry McGuire the exhibition of Gerardo Hernandez cartoons opened at the Kurb Gallery in Northbridge, WA.

On Saturday 1st October around eighty people defied the grand final weekend and gathered to seeing the political cartoons sketched inside a US prison cell by Gerardo, one of the Cuban five incarcerated since 1998.

Gerardo Hernandez was sentenced to double life imprisonment plus 15 years. He referred to his sentence in these words “but I have only one life to give for my country”.

The case of the Cuban Five took a recent twist when under the Freedom of Information Act members of the solidarity movement in the US uncovered information that confirms the US Government had paid a number of journalists to publish negative articles designed to damage the integrity of the Five Cubans. These five men were tried and sentenced in the media even before going on trial. This new evidence has allowed Gerardo’s legal team to seek leave to have his case reviewed based on this new evidence under a habeas corpus appeal.

The exhibition is made up of thirty of Gerardo’s political cartoons which have been displayed in several cities in the US, Belgium, Ecuador and now Perth WA. Many of his works are devoted to the frustrations of the Miami mafia seeing the Cuban Revolution grow older. Another section of the exhibit portrays the double standards that the US has shown in its war on terrorism. The final selection is dedicated to comandante Fidel Castro marking his birthday each year since the incarceration. In particular there is one that refers to Fidel’s reflections by depicting his pen as a different weapon in the same struggle; the struggle for Cuba’s self determination.

As part of his welcome Barry McGuire dedicated a message in song of oneness and solidarity to the Cuban Five.

This exhibition will go National in Australia; it attempts to break through the deafening silence of the media. A small piece was picked up in the community newspaper the Guardian Express and media attended the event in Perth.

In his intervention Cuban Consul General to Australia Reinaldo Garcia gave an update on Rene Gonzalez, one of the Five, who is due for release on Friday 7th October. His security is under threat from new orders that will place him under a three year-control order to remain in Miami and extends the inhumane deprivation of the 13 years he has been denied his human right to access to his family.

Several people left messages in a book for Gerardo acknowledging his courage and expressing solidarity. The Exhibition will remain open until Friday 7th October.

People in solidarity with the cause of the Cuban Five will continue the struggle until the Five are free and returned to Cuba. We renew our calls to President Obama to free the Cuban Five.

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ACFS Perth calls on President Obama to release the Cuban Five!  

The Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, ACFS calls on President Obama to release the five Cuban anti-terrorists held in US prisons since 1998.
Around 30 members of the ACFS and their friends and supporters rallied for the freedom of the Cuban Five in Fremantle, Western Australia.
An enthusiastic group of speakers told the crowd and passerby about the plight of the five men detained in Miami for fighting against terrorism organised, financed and carried out from US soil. The Cuban Five as they are known internationally were sentenced to inhumane and ridiculous sentences from 15 to double life imprisonment plus 15 years.
what was the crime committed by these men? NONE! There was never crime committed by the Cuban Five whose only task was to monitor the activities of the Miami mafia whose long list of terrorist activities against Cuba has cost the lives of more than 3000 people.
Cuba's right to self determination has been undermined by the actions of these terrorist groups who are tolerated on US soil. These terrorist acts included the bombing midair of Cubana 455 Flight that killed 73 people in 1976.
In 1997 a wave of bombings that targeted tourist installations including hotels rained down on Cuba. One of the actions resulted in Italian tourist Fabio De Celmo beign killed at the Copacabana Hotel in Havana.
To defend against these attacks and defend the lives of Cubans and visitors to Cuba sent these brave volunteers to gather the information needed to prevent further killings and bombings against their homeland.
They never sought or gathered information that would endanger US national security or hurt anyone nor did they carry any weapons. Their task was solenly to prevent terrorist activities.
The time has come for President Obama to exercise his power and release these five Cuban heroes who have had even their basic rights to see their families denied in breach of international conventions. ACFS Perth joins the millions of people in demanding their immidiate release. Watch on YouTube:
As part of our campaign for the freedom of the Cuban Five, ACFS will exhibit the political cartoons by Gerardo Hernandez from 1-7 October at the KURB Gallery, 312 "A" William Street, Northbridge, Western Australia. Visit our blogsite

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Humor from my Pen by Gerardo Hernandez  

AUSTRALIAN PREMIER! An exhibition of political cartons by Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Five Cuban Political Prisoners held unjustly in US prisons since 12 September 1998.

This exhibition is part of the international campaign for their freedom.

Kurb Gallery located on 312 "A" William Street Northbridge, WA
OPENING: Saturday 1st October 2011 from 6-8pm Live music, nibblies and drinks.

Opening address by Cuban Consul General to Australia, Reinaldo Garcia.

Hosted by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, ACFS Perth

Exhibition opening times. From Sunday 2 to through Friday 7 October from 2 to 7pm Entry: FREE

For more information visit:
Mobile: 0419812872

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Free the Cuban FIVE Rally on Sunday 11 September 2011  

This is an open invitation to join us on Sunday 11 September from 12 noon at the Fremantle Town Hall adjacent park, cnr Adelaide and William Streets

To demand the US releases the Five Cuban heroes incarcerated since 1998
in different US prisons.
On the 13th anniversary of the unjust incarceration of Five Cuban anti-terrorists
the ACFS calls for their freedom.

We call on your support to fight this unjustice.

We want freedom for the Five and Visitation Rights

We want Justice, bring your placards, flags and have your say.

For more information contact ACFS:

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Guatemala tour 2011 with Ovidio Orellana  

URNG Representative—Ovidio Orellana

The United National Resistance of Guatemala (URNG)/Maiz faces a huge challenge in the upcoming general elections in Guatemala. Forming a broad front (Frente Amplio) of Left forces, Guatemala follows the path of other successful movements in Latin America for a Peoples Unity Government.

Featuring the film:
When the Mountains Tremble

Followed by Discussion, Nibbles/Drinks & Live Music
by Carlos Castellanos & Ovidio Orellana

Wed 17 August, 6-9pm

Maritime Union of Australia
2-4 Kwong Alley North Fremantle

Organised by Friends of Guatemala
Endorsed by Communist Party of Australia & Socialist Alliance

E: P: 0419 812 872 or 9218 9608

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ACFS August Newsletter  

Please find below the August 2011 edition of the Perth ACFS Newsletter

ACFS-Newsletter1-8-11 -

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Perth Celebrates the 58th anniversary of the M26 July 1953  

On 26th July Cuba celebrates the day of National Revelry. It remembers the attacks on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes military Barracks located in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, Cuba.

Despite the unsuccessful military action, this event is considered the beginning of the Cuban Revolution that successfully defeat the Batista dictatorship six years later on January 1959.

In Australia we celebrate this event and we send our warmest message of solidarity to all our Cuban friends.

Long live Cuba,
Long live Fidel and Raul!
Hasta la Victoria Siempre, VENCEREMOS!

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Film Screening at the West Perth Lotteries House  

This is an open invitation for all ACFSers and their family and friends.

A great opportunity to discuss greening Cuba and its example for a sustainable
and greener world.

Learn about the Southern Cross Brigade to Cuba from 28 Dec 2011 to 20 Jan 2012

Join us and spread the word.

More information:

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Cuban Revolution Party  


Sat 23 July 8pm

Cuban Rhythm Revolution. Come and join the Australian Cuban Friendship Society in this explosion of Latin culture celebrating one of the biggest festivals in Cuba, the Santiago de Cuba. The festival celebrates the spark of the Cuban Revolution in July, 1953. Dance the night away with Latin Fusion and enjoy food, drinks, a raffle and surprises galore! All proceeds go to support a school for children with disabilities in the province of Las Tunas. It's a night of unforgettable original Cuban rhythms and passion - get in quick, this event always sells out. Viva Cuba!

Community music/dance - DE CUBA CARNIVAL23

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Join us on Sunday 26th June from 3pm at the FTI Fremantle to enjoy the screening of Cuban Film

LISTA DE ESPERA (WAITING LIST). A film in Spanish with English Subs. Film starts at 4pm. Join us for some nibbles/drink and a warm chat @ 3pm.
Tickets at the door or if you prefer buy them in advance by email: or call 0419812872. Surprise your friends or relatives with a movie ticket pass they will love it!!
All of the proceeds to the oncology unit at the Las Tunas Hospital in Cuba.

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Cuban Five T-shirts on sale now!  

Cuba Five T-shirts:

Join the campaign to free the Cuban Five
Help us spread the word, buy and wear a
Men and Women sizes, t-shirt $ 20 P/H included in Australia.

Methods of payment: EFT to ACFS WA bank account
Post a money order/chq to ACFS WA. PO BOX 1455 WA 6951
Orders: or call 0419812872

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ACFS Raffle  

Dear ACFSers: The photos below show a photograph by Cuban photographer Brayan Collazo. His work is the first prize for our annual ACFS Perth raffle for 2011. The raffle will be drawn on Saturday 23rd July 2011 at the Santiago de Cuba Carnival to be held at Kulcha in Fremantle. A celebration has been organised with local band Latin Fusion at KULCHA from 8pm. For more information visit: or send us an email to: Raffle tickets are $5 each, get as many as you can to increase your chances of owning this fantastic prize. Get your raffle tickets early to avoid disappoitment. All proceeds to go to support the oncology unit of Las Tunas provincial hospital in Cuba.

Order your tickets by phone: 0419812872 or by email: or write to us to ACFS: PO BOX 1455 South Perth, WA 6951 In friendship, Vinnie Molina Branch President
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Cuban educator Ezequiel Morales in Perth  

These photos are from the successful presentation by Cuban Educator Ezequiel in Perth on April 9, 2011. Ezequiel spoke about the "reordering" of the Cuban economy being discussed in the lead up to the forthcoming Cuban Communist Party congress.

He explained the reasons that these changes are necessary and emphasised that this was not a change in the socialist character of the Cuban revolution.

He also noted the protections that workers will have in the new situation.

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Public meeting with Cuban educator Ezequiel Morales  

Public meeting:
Listen to Cuban Educator Ezequiel Morales.
Saturday 9 April, 4-7 pm @ the MUA, North Fremantle
Entry by gold coin donation

The Australia Cuba Friendship Society is pleased to be hosting Ezequiel Morales from ICAP Cuba. We would like to invite you to a public meeting to welcome him and get first hand information about education and life in Cuba.

Please join us on the 9th April at the Maritime Union of Australia, MUA rooms in North Fremantle, 2-4 Kwong Alley cnr Queen Victoria Avenue from 4:00pm. (See Flyer attached for details and to distribute to your networks).

Ezequiel was born to a peasant family and spent his early years before the Revolution cleaning shoes and selling cakes in order to help support his family and to pay a ‘teacher’ to tutor in reading and writing. He was eight years old when the revolution triumphed and from then on he was able to attend a School Centre.

His vocation as a teacher began in 1961 when he joined the Cuban Literacy Campaign and at only ten years old taught illiterate peasants how to read and write. Since that time he has dedicated most of his career to the education sector as a teacher and later as a union leader. Ezequiel has participated in the continuous improvement of the National System of Education as a member of the Team of Authors.

Since 1996 Ezequiel has worked with the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and has become well known to Australian brigadistas joining the Southern Cross Brigade each year as the official translator.

His mastery of the English language has been very useful to carry out his work as a political official at ICAP, being able not only to lecture on many subjects, but also to serve as interpreter for a great number of outstanding personalities. In November 2007, he joined the 59th Global Edition Voyage of the Peace Boat. On this occasion, he was invited by the Japanese Organisation Peace Boat, to travel on the Japanese Cruise from Spain to Cuba, to deliver lectures on board to regular audiences of more than 400 people.

In Friendship,
Elizabeth Hulm
Branch Secretary
ACFS Perth

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