End the US blockade on Cuba  

On Tuesday 25th October for the 20th consecutive time Cuba will move a resolution against the US blockade on Cuba at the United Nations General Assembly.

The UN General Assembly will again take a vote on the US blockade against Cuba. We should not be fooled that the US has softened its stance, in reality 

the Obama administration is imposing tougher sanctions on companies trading with Cuba in comparison with previous presidential administrations.

It continues also to damage the trading relations with European companies. Recently The European branch of PayPal, a company that facilitates electronic transactions in the Internet, demanded that German firm Rum & Co. remove Havana cigars, rum and other Cuban products from their web page. This despite there being regulations that explicitly allow Europeans to do business with Cuba, were formulated as a countermeasure to the US sanctions against Cuba.

The current intensification against Cuba also jeopardises the National Transplant Program. A report on resolution 65/6 of the United Nations General Assembly states that Washington's stance has negatively impacted the acquisition of reagents needed for transplant.
ACFS calls on ordinary people around the world do take notice of the pain that the US is inflicting on the Cuban people and that we join most other Governments and peoples around the world to say it must stop. 

Let's send a A message to the Obama Administration "While you are fixing the world, here’s another issue to add to the list End the Blockade on Cuba". Please consider bringing your friends and contacts and join us in sending this message.

Join the solidarity movement around the world that calls on the Obama Administration to end this political barbarism.

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