Guatemala tour 2011 with Ovidio Orellana  

URNG Representative—Ovidio Orellana

The United National Resistance of Guatemala (URNG)/Maiz faces a huge challenge in the upcoming general elections in Guatemala. Forming a broad front (Frente Amplio) of Left forces, Guatemala follows the path of other successful movements in Latin America for a Peoples Unity Government.

Featuring the film:
When the Mountains Tremble

Followed by Discussion, Nibbles/Drinks & Live Music
by Carlos Castellanos & Ovidio Orellana

Wed 17 August, 6-9pm

Maritime Union of Australia
2-4 Kwong Alley North Fremantle

Organised by Friends of Guatemala
Endorsed by Communist Party of Australia & Socialist Alliance

E: P: 0419 812 872 or 9218 9608

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