Education for Liberation: Behind Cuba's education success  

On February 7, a new adult literacy program was launched in the indigenous community of Wilcannia, New South Wales, based on a revolutionary Cuban education method called Yo Si Puedo (Yes I Can).

Over the last decade, this program achieved impressive results in countries such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, East Timor and the Dominican Republic.

Five decades on from Cuba's 1961 national literacy campaign, Cuba boasts the highest literacy levels in Latin America and an education system that is the envy of developing countries worldwide.

Speaker Nick Everett will examine Cuba’s revolutionary education system, addressing the question, What can we learn from Cuba’s example?

The public meeting will also hear from participants of the 29th annual Southern Cross work/study brigade to Cuba, held in January this year.

Saturday 10 March 2012, 2pm

State School Teachers Union, 150 Adelaide Tce, East Perth. 

For more info, visit:

Mobile: 0419 812 872

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