Assange's accuser Anna Ardin a 'Cuban CIA collaborator'  

[The information below is from Tim Anderson, 8 December 2010.]
Cuban news agencies Granma and Prensa Latina says that Julian Assange's 'rape' accuser, Anna Ardin, is a Cuban CIA collaborator who has been working with Miami-based, US Government paid agencies.  They say Ardin is linked to the anti-Cuban terrorist Carlos Aberto Montaner.

After leaving Cuba, Ardin worked with web sites financed by USAID and controlled by the CIA. One of these sites was 'Miscelánea de Cuba', run by the Cuban Alexis Gainza. Through Gainza she became linked to Swediish agencies, including Dagens Nyheter and SVT, and entered the Swedish social democrat party.

Gainza is linked to the German Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte (International Human Rights Society), a group linked to German and US intelligence and has some former nazis (such as Ludwig Martin) and ex military figures (Dieter von Glahn) in its ranks.

The current president of the IGFM, Martin Lessenthin, works closely with the Venezuelan oppsoition party Primero Justicia, led by the anti-Chavez terrorist Alejandro Peña.

Primero Justicia, in turn is the main partner of the International republican Institute, and extreme right wing group funded by the US Government's National Endowment for Democracy.

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