Jose Marti commemoration by Perth ACFS  

On Thursday 28th January the ACFS Perth called for a special meeting to celebrate the 157th anniversary of birth of Cuban hero of independence Jose Marti.

It was a very moving celebration to pay homage and remember one of the greatest Latin American poets and revolutionaries who committed their lives to the people.

The ACFS screened the documentary on the life of Marti, ‘Soldier of light” which gives a brief description of the rich life of the apostle of Cuba. Members of the society discussed the life of Jose Marti and read one of his famous poems: “Versos Sencillos”.

ACFS also discussed Cuban’s contribution in Haiti as well as condemned the occupation carried out by the Obama Administration in contrast with Cubans medical assistance.
The attendees demanded Cuba be removed from the US list of countries sponsors of international terrorism.

ACFS has sent letters to the US ambassador based in Canberra demanding the removal of Cuba from the US terrorist list. ACFS also sent an open letter to the Australian Foreign Affairs minister, the Hon Stephen Smith asking the government to make a donation of medicines to the Cuban health brigade in Haiti.

ACFS read a message of solidarity sent by local member Dr Katherine Edyvane who is currently working with a team of Cuban doctors in East Timor.

Finally, we all enjoyed a delicious cake specially baked for the occasion by local member
Rhonda Andrews.

Viva Cuba,
Viva Jose Marti
Long live the friendship between Australia and Cuba!

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