Video from Perth Cuba Five action  

Video by Zeb Parkes

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Perth ACFS Newsletter 14-9-10

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Perth rallies for the Cuban Five  

12 September 2010: Around 25 gathered at the Wesley Church corner in Perth city to mark the 12th anniversary of the unjust incarceration of the Cuban Five. Shoppers were told about the 3,400 people who have been brutally murdered by the actions of terrorist groups based in Miami.

Speakers spoke about the injustice against these 5 Cuban Heroes who harmed no one but were imprisoned after giving information they had collected about these terrorist groups operating against Cuba from U.S. soil to the U.S. government, hoping the U.S. would live up to its rhetoric against terrorism and intervene to jail the terrorists. Many shoppers stopped to find out more and to sign a petition for the freedom of the Five.

Following speeches the rally marched through the Hay Street Mall handing out leaflets to interested shoppers, calling for Obama to exercise his power to rectify the grave injustice of this politically motivated attack on Five brave men who were fighting against terrorism.

Written by Elizabeth Hulm. Photos by Alex Bainbridge. Video by Zeb Parkes here.

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Cuba Brigade information session  

The Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, ACFS is organising the 28th Australia-NZ Southern Cross Work-Study Brigade to Cuba. 

We organise the Southern Cross brigade as the best way for people to see for themselves what the Cuban revolution has been able to provide to its people in the way of free access to education and health, housing and jobs.

This is the 28th Brigade which is the very same number of years since the friendship societies were established in Australia.

We work closely with the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples, ICAP which has links with friendship organisations in over 120 countries.

As part of our solidarity work we organise educational forums and exchange information about Cuba and its revolution. We also sponsor health, education and other projects in Cuba. Currently we are funding the reconstruction of a school for children with special needs in the province of Las Tunas. Brigadistas as we call people travelling with the Southern Cross Brigade will carry and hand in the monies collected throughout
the year for the above mentioned project.

So far we have a number of people who have expressed interest in attending the brigade from Perth. Rhonda Andrews is the National Brigade coordinator who can give you more details of the number of people attending from Perth and other parts of Australia and NZ.

ACFS Perth will run an information session for people interested in the brigade on Sunday 19th September from 3-5pm at the Activist Centre 15/5 Aberdeen Street East Perth, information attached.  Visit:

The sessions are good because you get to meet others who have been on previous brigades and to ask questions etc.

If you would like to have a chat please feel free to call 0419 812 872 anytime or contact Rhonda Andrews on 92472731 after 6pm or by email:

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